About me

Grown up in an artistic environment. Already in my early years I got in touch with film, theater, dance, circus and music. More than just in the part of a spectactor I've always been interested in the creation and the performance of art. So I started with small theater productions with kids of the neighbor hood and with recording stories on tape and paper.

At the age of four I've started playing violin and shortly after I discovered my love for ballet dance. From 2007 on I dedicated my time fully to modern, contemporary and ballet dance. I had professional training in Zurich (Zurich University of the Arts), Paris and Tel Aviv. Between 2010 and 2013 I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Physical Theatre at Dimitri School in the Italian part of Switzerland. 

My artistical interest is a combination of interaction and utilization of different means of expression as well as the exchange with other artists. I use to work with movement, acting, humor, film, language, singing and music. Equally I'm interested in the work as a performer and director / choreographer.