Must be love

Santiago de Chile

From October 2016 to January 2017 I stay in Santiago. Working on my first full-length play "Fancy Glitter Fanciulla on Tour without the Band" and taking aerial and floor acrobatic, circus and dance classes every day. 

After quite a while I was playing again with movement and camera

The magic world of a bug

From beginning of November 2014 till January 11th 2015 and in the resumption in April 2016 I danced in the opera magic flute for the first time. Mise- en - scene by Tatjana Gürbaca, choreography by Kinsun Chan, at the opera of Zurich.


My role was a bug who was fighting with his 14 bug friends at the side of the Queen of the Night against Zarastro and his perfect image of life. 


The most difficult part was the moment we started to rehearse with the huge two-piece shell. This costume made almost all normal dance movements impossible. In this phase of rehearsing we had attacks of sweating, pushings and total disorientation in the studio. All dancers needed at least double of space with the shells. The neck bordered directly on the shell and furthermore we were wearing helmets so it was almost impossible to raise the head and to see something except of the floor.


But we wouldn't be professional dancers if we wouldn't have found solutions. So we managed it to crawl in a bugish elegance over the stage.


Curious how the mozartian bug looks like? Check the video below:

Trailer Showing "Fancy Glitter Fanciulla on Tour without the Band"

Wuthering Heights

Since many years I do listen again and again to this song. I love it, because of it's crazyness, the intensity and the creativity. Inspired by this I created a own work. Enjoy! :)

For the experience

A theatrical acrobatic work Ivan Georgiev and Roxane Kalt created and performed during their education in physical theatre at Dimitri School in 2013.


A little christmas tale